Columbia Gorge Honey
Contact: Anthony Pereira
Address: 1520 E 18th Street The Dalles, OR, 97058
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Phone: 541-993-2695
About Us
Small Bee Apiary consisting of 52 hives that does pollination in the Columbia River area.
Raising awareness about the importance of Honey bees to our environment as well as the benefits of Raw honey and natural remedies vs.trad western med.
My husband and I started this journey trying to recover our son from autism, We've learned so much about toxins, chemicals and pollutants as well as the many medications used to mask a symptoms of autism only for a short time while having horrible side effects and creating dependency. We chose not to medicate our son and went a natural route instead. In starting biomedical treatments and a gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, dye free diet for him we became aware of the amazing health benefits of Raw honey and many other herbs and spices too! Our son has made amazing progress which I love to share about and in the process we have created a wonderful family business that we hope continues to grow.