Sakura Ridge
Contact: John Joyer
Address: 5601 York Hill Dr Hood River, OR, 97031
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Phone: 541-490-5172
About Us
Experience ever-changing nature on every stay at Sakura Ridge!
In the spring thousands of fruit trees burst into bloom, baby chicks hatch, young lamb go to pasture and busy bees pollinate everything!
Summer brings an abundance of berries, vegetables, flowers and fresh farm eggs. The sun is high and hot in the sky day after day and Mount Hood projects multi-hued sunsets on the decks and lawns of the Lodge.
In fall the trees are laden with fruit ready to be harvested. Squash and beans wait to picked and stored for winter meals. Tomatoes beg to be canned; berries are turned in jam; apples and pears are dried for use in granola, salads and snacks. The busy days fly past!
By the end of November the snow starts to fly, the wind might blow briskly or the air can be cold and still; fog rolls in and obscures the mountain. A quiet winter peace settles over the farm.
Lamb are 100% grass fed on certified organic pasture, antibiotics and hormone free. Pears and apples are certified organic.