Cascadia Creamery
Contact: Marci Shuman
Address: PO Box 23 Trout Lake, WA, 98650
Email Address:
Phone: 509-637-3203
About Us
Cascadia Creamery is a family run operation located in the foothills of Mt. Adams in the town of Trout Lake, Washington.
Cascadia Creamery revives a long tradition of artisan cheese making in the Trout Lake Valley which began over 125 years ago. Here rich volcanic soils and temperate weather provide lush grazing meadows for our cows and an ideal location to craft our organic, aged, raw artisan cheeses.
At Cascadia Creamery, we strive to go "beyond organic". We put careful, quiet, and considered thought into every aspect of our cheese making.
Our raw milk comes from a fourth generation family farm that was one of the first dairies in the state of Washington to be certified organic by Oregon Tilth. We receive our milk directly from the dairy's milking lines and bring it right to the creamery and straight into our cheese vat while it is still warm. Our raw milk cheeses age for 2-4 months in a unique aging room built within a natural lava tube cave. This cave is connected to a vast network of caves in the Trout Lake Valley. Natural cave air flows constantly through our aging rooms and plays a critical role in developing our exceptional natural rinded cheeses.